tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2016

Mordheim report #3

I'd say the first building is ready now! Spent some more time painting this than the first, and it's getting there. I chose the worst colors for it, and tried to get it to work and am quite happy with the results.
That water damage effect is so easy to do and breaks up the flat surfaces nicely that I think it'll be my one thing in common with all the buildings.

Failfocus here, sorry bout that.

I'm real happy how the wood planks turned out. The flat surfaces could use something more, like details or just a layer of drybrushing, but that's for the next building. One thing I still might add to this is some scorched edges.

Next up is unfinished divider block (in awful lighting!) These things are so good with the game, as covers so much ground it really limits shooting and line of sight.

Just flat colors and some inking. It still needs a handful of layers.

No Mordheim table is finished until it has a tower made out of a Pringles tube! Here's the start of mine.
This of course doesn't fold in any way, and will be one of the few set piece buildings I plan doing along with the more simple collapsible ones.

I added a layer of wavy cardboard on top of it to give it some thickness, and add a layer of vinyl wallpaper to add the texture. I plan on breaking that texture with some chipped plaster looking stuff, maybe with filler, or just paper wallpaper. We'll see.

While this thing doesn't fold, I'm planning on leaving the bottom half empty to house something specific in it to, again, save all the space I can. And that specific thing will be covered in the next post.

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