keskiviikko 6. huhtikuuta 2016

Mordheim report #4

Once you pop...'ll get a road!

Vinyl wallpaper is awesome (and expensive). No way I could've had anything so good looking to go in such a small space with anything else I can think of.
Now I know what you all thinking "that thing is gonna wrap all to hell, and curl and roll off the table!". I thought so too, but somehow it defies that logic. It unwraps and stays super straight. Maybe more time will tell the real tale, but for now it's really awesome.

It still needs some work I guess. I thought it would blend better to the table, but few browns will be necessary. That divider block next to it has also got some work done. The stone wall shown there is final, metal plating and bars are not.
So far I'm really loving the dual color scheme of brown and gray, just like Mordheim should be.

The last thing to show is a sewer grate that got made yesterdays coffee break. It's function was to hold down the road that I was sure would wrap and curl. It holds a giant metal washer under the ProCreate and thus is really heavy.
It's also quite big, 4 cm across. The tunnel in the pic above is also 4 cm wide. It might be dumb looking as I've yet to introduce the grate to the road (I have it at work still). If I deem it worthy I can make a stamp mold out of it and have a bunch of 'em, and if not, buy smaller washers and re-sculpt the whole thing.

a Sewer grate sculpted over a big metal washer.

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