tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2015

Here we go! Treeman part three

He's got a head and more arm!
The Toothless One. Can't do the teeth with Fimo, so he'll be looking like this for a while.

He also has a mock-up hand to let me feel how its position will be like. I probably end up ripping it off and sculpting over it, and re-attach it so that the palm is more towards him. It now looks like he's going to smash some poor fellow he's grabbed (which is actually not a bad pose...)
One thing the pic doesn't show is that his wrist behind the thumb is waaay thicker that I'd like it to be, so I'm gonna just shave it off (along the road, kids!) and re-sculpt the bit.

I sculpted the head on its own on this plastic card. I still want to add some depth, it's kinda flat now.

After I was done sculpting the head I though I made it too big, but now actually seeing it attached I feel it's OK. He looks weird now with that wireframe body, but once he gets some central mass, I think it's gonna fit just fine.

Next time I'ma take few regular minis to work and do a size comparison pics.

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