tiistai 29. syyskuuta 2015

I did a thing

I was inspired by this (in finnish) to try to make my own paint bottle holder. I had just ordered these German steel hole punchers for making chits for other gaming projects, and one of them just happened to be 26mm in diameter (Vallejo & Army Painter paints are 25mm). This really got the gears moving.
I wanted to make it cheaply and relatively quickly, so cardboard was always the way I wanted to go. While visiting my mom few weeks back I found my old game box for one of the Rock band games, and it was this really high quality white cardboard.
Contrasted by the light brown color of cheap cardboard box I thought it came out alright.

First I though I made way too many holes for my paints,
but it turned out to be pretty well in the ballpark of what I needed.

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