perjantai 28. elokuuta 2015

More Treeman

Two more pics of the Treeman. Progress is slow but steady.
The right leg is the second of the two (maybe three) different types of bark I plan to sculpt here. The leg is actually core, and the bark comes in patches on top of it, whereas the other sculpted bits are just bark.

These will be the last phases that I can pose the thing anymore, so I'll need to be looking at that thing long to figure out if I got the right pose already.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Looking good, I like the pose as it is. Could you place another miniature, or a coin next to the treeman in your next update, so we can see the scale of the miniature? I wonder how you're going to execute the head of this monster, since this kind of creature gives a lot of opportunities for it. I'm picturing a voodoo -styled mask, kinda like Wurrzag (orc shaman) wears. But you could make a formless stump or something, depending on your view. Again, looking forward the next update, I hope you're still on it.

    1. Thanks man. I've already done one practice head which might be too big, but we'll see. I used the old 5th. ed. GW treemen for the inspiration here, so the head is something I tried to emulate as well.

      I'm actually thinking of doing an update today, so no scale comparisons this time, but maybe the next.
      The bigger stump leg I guess is a size of a Chaos warrior (with base). and it is 100mm from the feet to the lump of Fimo which looks to be its head.