tiistai 18. elokuuta 2015

Suddenly, a Treeman!

Hello everybody. Today's post is about sculpting, and how I hate the new GW Treeman.

So the new Treeman Games Workshop came out a while ago is this tall and slim, almost demon looking thing that has form-fitting bark armor. The concept is cool and the mini is well sculpted, but I've always thought the Ents as trees and forest coming together to form only a somewhat humanoid looking thing. Like GW had at 5th edition Fantasy Battle.

So I thought I'd try to sculpt my own. I've had some practice with it, and the cool thing about this is that it's not human (so there's no uncanny valley effect), and bark is fun and easy to sculpt, and even if you don't get it fully right, the paint job will forgive a lot. If I ever get this in painting state.

First I took some copper wire to get the skeleton, and posed it how I wanted.
Then added some Fimo just to give it some bulk and rigidness.
A bad picture of the right arm, which will be this huge stump to stomp trespassers with.
This is the detail I will go over with Fimo alone. When I get the full body done I want to add some more detail with Green stuff and such.
I actually brought Fimo and other stuff to work, so I can try to spend my lazy tuesdays and coffee breaks more productively. We'll see if I get noted for doing this...

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  1. I'm with you about the new treeman GW has to offer, it is too complex, kinda. The bark looks very good, looking forward the finished thing.

  2. Thanks man! This might be the first regularly updated topic in this blog, so be tuned.