tiistai 4. marraskuuta 2014

Minor update

It's been some while since the last update. I've meant to do stuff for the Car game, but my local hardware store didn't have everything I needed (mainly 2 cm thick foam board), and my yellow paint exploded on me while I tried to revive it from drying up.
Something's up with yellow acrylics... They were the only ones that had dried in my collection, and I've read about them plugging up paint guns more than other colors.

Well, I now have the board and the paints, so expect to see a new car painted up soon (tm). The board will be a ways off, as I need to think about how I'll carve it in the foam without making a mess.

Slow development is slow

I've been slowly updating my Zombie game too. I now have what I consider a first real scenario, with multiple objectives. This is a big thing for the game as it now has some structure in it.
I now have almost all aspects remade (Skills, Curses, Equipment) to reflect the new dice mechanic. Now I only need to go over my monster creatures, I think I need a few more types too...

I now have two different difficulty levels of special monsters, the easier ones are:
Black Flame - a weak, quick and numerous creature that you really can not outrun, you'll need to get rid of these until there's too many of them to handle.
Shepherd - a buffed up zombie, that also buffs the nearest zombies around it, also comes with additional zombies.
Refuse - a slow multi-HP creature. A basic enemy fighter.

The more difficult ones are:
Armor - single HP creature with really high defense. You'll need really good weapon to get rid of one.
Essence - a buffed up version of the Refuse. More HP and more damage.
Shade - the heavy hitter of the enemy force. Its movement is eccentric, so players can try to fool it away, but when in contact it is the biggest threat of all.

I also had an immovable Monolith enemy that just spawned more zombies, and a friend suggested an enemy type that charms players that I kinda like to incorporate.
I found that the Monolith was redundant as I can make zombie spawn in many other ways. The charmer enemy can also be done via curses, but there's this basic design point that makes me want not to take control out of players hand,s as one of the main attractions of games is decision making. Though that would also work for me as the players would learn to dread the enemy that makes you lose control.

If any of the random readers made it this far, I'd really like to hear more your favorite enemy archetypes for me to incorporate.

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