perjantai 17. lokakuuta 2014

The history of car game in pictures

Got inspired to post some car game stuff as I'm preparing to go to the hardware store to pick up some more stuff for it.

The Start. My tiny notepaper stuff I used to make my proto table.
The asterisks show which ones were the final ones. I had like a deck of different ones drawn.

These are what the game is actually being played on right now, the proto table.
I intent to make the boards two sided and carve them in foam board, and make it as visual as I can.
Bought some classic (muscle) car miniatures from ebay and made molds. Those things don't come cheap, doubly so when you want to have like 10+ cars in it.
Keen eyes can spy some air bubble in the mold, fortunately they were in a spot that doesn't show.
First cast in two part resin, air bubbles a plenty! This was my first cast ever with the stuff so I hope to rid some bubbles going forward.
Overall I'm really pleased how these turned out, especially how well the silicone kept the detail.
First time here too! I tried to make rust with a help of salt (as is evident by the single grain stuck in the mini). This one is still work-in-progress. I use the car miniatures to try out new stuff that I do not want to try on any "real" miniature.
Also, these things are like 2 cm long, or 4/5 of an inch. (I love my old-ass camera's macro!)

That's what I got for now. Maybe next time we'll see more paint and perhaps some crafted tracks. 

Rules are the thing I'm not really comfortable sharing here, as the ideas in it are not fully mine (and the thing is not even ready yet). Not that I fear of getting a infringement letter (as ideas can't be copyrighted), but just out of respect for Asmodee.

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