keskiviikko 14. tammikuuta 2015

Not dead yet!

The way I seem to enjoy my hobbies is in cycles, some longer ones and some shorter. Friends I know seem to force themselves to work on their projects even if the inspiration isn't there, but I don't work that way. I embrace the the lack on inspiration, and have the time for myself to dust off my brain.

Zombie game is still shuffling

One aspect of the zombie game has always been absent from my test builds, and this is purely because though I've had numerous different versions of it, none of them have been quite the thing I need for the game - the random enemy spawns.

What revitalized this blog now, was the breakthrough on that system. I might just now have the starting grounds of the final version of it.
It goes like this: Every player roll a Misfortune dice (1D6) at the end of their turn. If they roll under (a certain threshold, TBD), nothing happens but they put the die in the Misfortune pool. If they roll over, they take all the dice in the Misfortune pool and roll them together - more dice equals more bad things to happen.

So the systems before this have been too random, required turn tracking or weren't balanced enough to the player amount etc.
How I see this system now: it balances itself out by having all players contributing to the pool, it's random enough because of the threshold checks and the enemies come in "waves" without having a specific tracking system.

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