tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

Skills of the trade

Got rid of the script font due feedback, it's much more readable now.

I got my skill cards rewritten now and only had to remove a few that were now obsolete. Leaving me at 27 skill cards, and I need a few more specific ones for the more powerful weapon types.

The new skills are pretty much in the format as shown on the new Booze Hound. Almost every card has a passive and active skills which the other makes your character generally better in something (in this case you find more booze, which is a rare and powerful loot), and the other better with a specific stuff (the booze affects you better than others). The Booze Hound is actually pretty bad at showcasing my new skills, but that was one of the few I bothered to rewrite the fluff text at the bottom.

The card art is a placeholder and a stark contrast to the enemy cards at my previous post, both in overall color and the quality. Now that I've shuffled all of the cards, soaking it in, I kinda like the mismatch of the arts. You absolutely can not mistake the enemy cards as something beneficial to your character.

Speaking of the enemy cards. I've rewritten a whole bunch of them too to reflect the latest mechanical changes. Though they are not yet in a state to be shared as their "purify" options are not given that much thought yet.
The basic format for them is "effect" and "purify". Effect is of course the thing your character is afflicted with, like decrepify which slows your character down, and purify has the things need to be done to get rid of the curse, something like "receive a healing action", "loot 3 Zombie corpses", "use Booze or Snake Oil".

For now I consider the skill cards "ready to play", though almost all of them are missing fluff texts and I haven't gone over them to fix the wording to be consistent (as I do not yet know should I say "+1 ROF" or "gain 1 additional attack") so it does correspond to intent behind it.

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