perjantai 6. syyskuuta 2019

Nothing's done, have a batch of WIP pictures

I've been somewhat active in my endeavours, and to prove this I present this assortment of random pictures. 

Here's the Titan on his plain base and an elf for scale.

His tusks are ready, and those pylons of brown stuff are going to be his rocky beard.

Did a test sculpt for beards for my giants. I'm pleased and will go forwards with this.
The other has a scalp sculpted, because no helmets allowed!

Did bases for my lords, and made sure they rank well.

Stamp molded some Sylvan Elf basing bits.

Shadespire miniatures. These will be played in Shadespire and also be unit champions in the 9th Age.

3D printed Sylvan Elf terrain. 

Double sided stamp mold of a Dark Elf shield, for a friend.

I think I'm half way there?

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