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Big Beardy Bois

Hello all!

This time I bring you pictures of cheap miniatures and some sculpting. 

These three are Giants by Reaper, cheaply made out of Chinese rubber from their Bones series. 
I told myself I'd never touch that stuff, but having three giants for about 35 euros sure beats having them made out of easily chippable metal at 135 euros, and big models are way more forgiving when it comes to details. So I bit the bullet.
And the details do have suffered somewhat on this rubbery material. When it comes to the hair and some of the smaller studs and bolts on the armor and clothing, they are really flat or just nonexistent. I can't imagine how some of the more normal sized models will look like.

I also had reservations of its ability to be scraped off of mold lines, which were unfortunately correct. It can not really be scraped and the only way to do is is to carve it, which is a hassle. 
Weirdly enough it filed well, which was positive surprise.

My bois before the makeover.

This picture supposedly shows how well the material can be filed.

These guys go along with my Infernal Dwarf army, and as such, no one will have straight beard lest they wish to be ridiculed.

The easiest one was finished in three sittings, while the others took nearly 10. The hardest one had to have his helmet removed, and had a scalp sculpted over to mask the things I foolishly left on him before starting the sculpting process. He now has a long mane and ears to hide my errors.

Started the first strands and did a brand new scalp for one of them.

Some Hulk Hogan action going on here.

How do the eye patch and circlet stay on their heads, you ask? They are just bolted on to their skulls with hot nails.

Nearly there!

The lovechild of Hulk Hogan, Harley Morenstein and perm rolls.

After the makeover.
I had an idea to give them tusks like the Infernal Dwarfs have, but ultimately decided against it because they are of different species and couldn't get the few practice pieces to look any good on them.
What I will do though is a few pieces of metallic decorations, with some fun details, to break up the monotone beard texture.
And the weapons, of course!

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