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Kadim Incarnates and Titan

My Treeman is on hiatus so why not do something similar sized to my Infernal Dwarfs, since they are my main focus now?

The Kadim are fire demons. While the most conversions I've seen have been these ethereal made-out-of-fire phantoms, I wanted to have something more physical. What I wanted was living volcano golems with some slapped-on metals for contrast.

First off my Incarnates. These are made by Mom-miniaturas, a Spanish miniature maker.
I sawed of their stunty legs and did a Djinn-vortex-thingy.
I had a really hard time thinking of what I wanted, and am capable of making, since flying rock Golems are a tough thing to imagine.

I got a hold of this GW vortex terrain piece, and sculpted a thing of my own, trying to emulate it. Made a mold out of that and stamped some Brown Stuff in it, and while the stuff was still malleable, I shaped it so it goes well with the Golem top parts.

Here's the start of my titan. I base it on the Mom minis, since the Titan and Incarnates share a name. The Titan can't fly like his brethren, so I'll try to recreate the original look by trying to sculpt the stunty legs. Only the boots will really show under that scalemail armor.

I started with a crude armature I made roughly 2,5 times the size of the originals, looked up some concept art I liked and bent it to that shape, and then started slapping on some mass with DAS clay.

The paper under it represents the base size it will have. I wanted to make it so gigantic because, well, it is considered as gigantic in game, and is the single most expensive monster in game. The size also fills up the base pretty good.

There is some subtle differences (other than the shoulders) between the last two images. I'm doing this additive work slowly, until I get to a point I'm pleased with the bulk.
Next up is trimming the fingers and again adding even more mass to the elbow guards.

When I get to the point in which I'm pleased with the form and bulk, I start adding a thin layer of 'better' sculpting putty to carve out the real details.

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