keskiviikko 26. syyskuuta 2018

Board game inserts

I've been making some custom board game inserts. I love thinking how to make the setup easier, how to save up the most space, and have all the expansions to go along while at it. 
This Mysterium insert was supposed to be only have the box for the ghost card deck, which is the only one needed after setup. But as it turned out, the box was so well suited that I decided to make them for all of the cards.

Pictured below are also Terra Mystica (which isn't that much of a hassle to setup) and Caverna (which is a HUGE hassle to setup), which I've made some time ago.

Mysterium packed.

Mysterium, the clock turn counter is partly glued.

Mysterium, all the boxes.
Mysterium, dual layer box.

Terra Mystica, favor and city tiles in order.

Terra Mystica, tokens exploded.

Caverna packed.

Caverna, all inserts.

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