perjantai 9. maaliskuuta 2018

Bits and Bobs and Pics

Hello again! I've been absent for some time now, and unfortunately I've not get anything ready.

Only things that have seen some progress are random sculpts. I've been taking pictures along the way to share with friends, and now I paste them here in random order.

Shield motif for my Immortals.

Tomb Kings plastic shield that was perfect size for the dwarfs.

Backside WIP.

Skull head for my Infernal Engine.

Trying to get the beard right in Photoshop.

More Infernal Engine.

It will have a voice! 

Bolts and nuts for artillery and such.

Franken-taur made of Mantic lower half, 90's GW upper half, Russian Alternative weapon, and some gray stuff to mask the seams.

Backstabber Hobgoblin. Skaven Plague Monk body and Night Goblin head with self made weapons.

More heads for Hobgoblins.

Photoshopped this guy to run as a candidate for my Kadim Incarnates.

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