maanantai 6. marraskuuta 2017

PED Challenge #2

Here's a PED Challenge update.
It's been two weeks since the start, and the only thing I got ready are these five guys, and half of a movement tray. The Gunnery Team got also finished, didn't take a pic though.

From left to right: 2 Hobgoblins, 2 Blunderbuss Warriors, 1 Disciple of Lugar.

This time the "Every Day" aspect didn't go so well. These finished guys are actually made in 9 days instead of 14. So this Challenge might also be going for 3 weeks like the last one.

Hobgoblin hats, movement tray texture, and top right there are few self made daggers ready to be cast as weapons for Backstabbers.

The movement tray has some work put in it too.
I first made a cool texture using cork sheet, molded it, and then cast it with liquid plastic. Then I took a polystyrene sheet and adhered a sheet of rubbery-magnetic sheet on that. Then I cut the cork texture cast to fit the sheets, and painted it like I paint my bases.

About the Hobgoblins: Those are made by combining new Stormvermins and older Goblin parts. I'm also going to equip each one with a hat. Those painted heads came just from a sprue, but I have made some additional ones, as seen above.

I guess this project is all about the hats...

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