perjantai 8. syyskuuta 2017

PED* Challenge (0 missed days)

Well, actually one missed day, but it was a force majeure situation. I made a deeep cut in my finger with the x-acto knife while converting my Dwarfs.
Don't worry though, I will try to make more convoluted excuses to keep my missed days at zero!
(* Paint Every Day means every day that I've not scheduled anything else to do, or have something semi-urgent come up.)

Well here's a picture of the Warriors once again. There's two more of them, and its starting to look like a real unit!
Behind them are two more Citadel Guards and next to them is a Goblin by Mantic Games.
I wanted to have my Hobgoblins made of them, because they have fun faces, are cheap, and they have good variety of weapon options available.
The downside to those fuckers are aplenty. They're made with PVC, which is a bitch to work with, and they have awful details (I'm thinking because of the PVC). The sculpts are also pretty bad, and I'm not sure which parts are which. All these make them awful to paint.
Also, they do not resemble Hobgoblins that much. They are supposed to taller and lankier than normal Goblins.

So my quest to find the best plastic Hobgoblin stand-ins continues. I'm currently looking at Storm Vermin bodies combined with older Goblin parts (GW and GW). Like this.

I'm currently still painting just infantry dwarfs. I can say however, that the next one after those two is something different. They are still under the knife, but I think I'd get them ready early next week.

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