keskiviikko 23. elokuuta 2017

My own private Paint Every Day For a Week - Challenge (2 days)

I've decided to get something done for a change. (And update my blog for a change, too)

I dug up my three undercoated Chaos Dwarves and started splashing paint. I'm keeping it to a moderate 3-man-at-a-time system that will actually end up finishing something.

Now these guys will not end up being the prettiest of the bunch since I'm also moderating the amount of layers. 2-4 layers per surface. I'm such a lazy painter that I just need to take some shortcuts...

Maybe if I ever get to paint some characters I shape up and bring my A-game, but for now these will do.

These guys have had undercoat and a single layer of red before starting. After two days they are as seen (so I guess this is actually three days of work showing).

I'm actually planning on doing this at least a week, and hoping to go for a month or so. Or however long I can.

All the blog updates will be quite quick and dirty too, like this one.

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