keskiviikko 8. maaliskuuta 2017

Mordheim Report #13

Quick update on my first tall building. Going's been slow on this one since I need to think the folding again from the start. Hopefully I get it down with this and the next five similar building will come together more quickly.
What I've learned for now is that I should only do holes and bigger formwork before gluing walls to base with hinges. Floor layers are easier to match after that, and details are way easier to do when floors are in place, like that book shelf.
I'm thinking of doing this pretty much paint ready before going ham on the next five.

This first building is themed as a small library, with tiny alchemy table at the top floor (which is not done yet), finished with some sun iconography. The bottom floor is not accessible.
I'm yet to decide all the themes for the rest. Only ones I have in mind besides the aforementioned is a butcher, and fish market/fishing supplier store. Maybe the rest are just going to be apartments and housing...

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