keskiviikko 23. marraskuuta 2016

Mordheim Report #12

These things are now ready. 6 ladders and fences, and 2 walkways.

They had their debut yesterday, when I had my first game of our campaign. Unfortunately I lost, and two on my members got dead!
After scavenging for the Wyrdstone I managed to get just enough money to replace them, and additionally had three bows to spare around. So all in all, I ended on the plus side.

Not much to say about these things. Ladders and walkways are done mostly with wooden sticks.

Fences are done by texture roller over some polymer clay. The first quarter of a single fence was actually just a test piece when I got the rollers. I ended up making six of them because the test piece looked good, and I just had bought some big ice cream sticks which ended up as the bases.

Barrels and wheels are of course those I've made with toy dough.

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