keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2016

Mordheim Report #9

IT IS DONE! The inn and the tower are now finished! Took me a long time to actually force myself not to dabble any more with them. Learned a lot, and hopefully remember what I did for my next buildings.

Here's the full set. The road below can be rolled inside the tower for safekeeping.

One tiny detail I'm proud of is the "enviction notice" on the door. A quick and dirty sculpt followed by a quick and dirty mold, and then stamped with toy clay. The two layer paint job also ended up working.

Here are some of the many toy clay bits painted, the boxes and barrels, the shields on the far side wall, and the stony window frame on tower. Also notice the small shelf in the tower.

Window flaps are also stamped with toy clay. All the torch type thingies, like the ones in the chandelier, are from DIY necklace store. They cost next to nothing, and have pretty good texture.

Next I'm planning on doing a sextet of tall and slim buildings that can be arranged to go around of a big plaza. Here's hoping that those will come together much more quickly.

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