maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2016

Bought a board game

I got Caverna like a month ago. One of the best games I've ever bought.
It's almost like Minecraft survival mode. You need to sow grain and build fencing for animals to keep your dwarven family fed, and also mine tunnels for minerals and space to build additional rooms.
The game comes with a huge box filled to the brim with thick cardboard tiles and wooden tokens, and was pretty messy setting up the first time. The game really needed an insert to keep it organized. And now it has one!

Two pouches are missing in this pic. The player tokens and player aid cards.

The box is pretty big. Picture shortens it a bit, it's much taller than most board game boxes.
Half of its height is used by the many game boards it came with, and the other half by my inserts.

In other news...

Mordheim report #10,5 I guess...

Got some smaller things going on whilst prepping on doing those bigger buildings.
Six fences, six ladders and couple of bridges.

Aaand one simple detail I made. Going to make a stamp mold out of this, so I can get cooler wooden details. Like tables, shelves, stools and such.

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