perjantai 13. marraskuuta 2015

Note to myself

I was scrolling through my many comments (got like ten!) and saw a mention for a shaman mask for my Treeman. I was also scrolling though my phone photos and saw this!

Bark reference pic of which I might try to emulate. 

Many of the GW Wood Elves -of which the Treeman will be a part of- use these weird leather half-masks, which had some dissenting opinions at the time. I might have opted to use them less in my miniatures. After all this time I feel the masks are okay.

Now I had an idea connecting all these three. A Treeman face with half-mask made out of bark, with a hole for an eye which would be sculpted as above. Maybe a Treeman Ancient (the one who can do magic), so he'd look more mystical than the regular Treeman who's limited to punching fools.

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