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Car number two, the Bumblebee

Here are some picture of that car I said I'd give you way back when I was starting my Treeman. (The Treeman hasn't got anything done to it, thanks for asking. I've been busy as heck!)

Like I said in my first posts here, these cars are a test bench for different painting techniques. I've pretty much got that rust effect down with these first two.
This time it was the windshields I wanted to get right. I think I did well with the base, the shadowy interior mixed with reflections from blue sky and brown earth. Now the thing that looks like a giant bird turd or shattered glass is supposed to be a reflection of the sun... Maybe next time.
I also fucked up my masking tape, and ripped the whole mid part out. My yellow paint job was so awful that I needed to make so many layers that the tape couldn't just rip out the things its supposed to.

Edit: Now actually looking at the pictures below (especially the last one), I might have an idea how to make reflection right. Just a thin line, with one focused dot in it, above the glass.

The first paint layers I took a picture of waaay back.

These two are taken in an awful lighting.

I really like the effect the salt grains make when paint and wash is sprayed on.

Mechanics along the pictures too!

I got two new things for the Car game. Ability cards and ramming statistics.
Now players can build their cars with ramming in mind. And the ability cards can be used as a Hail Mary of sorts, to try to get the lead by force at the last corner, but of course the leader can use his to make his position even better. Cards include things like a extra speed for your car, sabotage of an enemy car or having shit thrown in front of someone else.
After I've got these two integrated well in the game, I feel that it has all the things I originally wanted to get in.

Then it's on to the track pieces. I need to get some more variety to them, and I really don't know how yet.
And then I need to make the pit mechanic, and balance the cars with the round numbers.
And then I need to check my dice, if I want to fiddle with them.
And then I need to actually make the physical game, and not just a prototype.

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