maanantai 29. syyskuuta 2014

Hello and welcome

This blog withholds stuff that I enjoy, and like to share to the rest of the Internet.

I like making up board games

Not to make, but make up, as I'm not published and have no aspirations of doing so at the foreseeable future.

So I have three games rotating in my head, each one a tad different and very much in different states of "completion":

a Zombie game - which will be the main focus for my blog at the time, since it is the one I'm mainly focusing, with everything done from the scratch.

a Car game - Based heavily on the Formula Dé by Asmodee. The core of the game is shamelessly ripped, that's why it is on solid grounds and will not require as much attention. It is a rally game with post-apocalyptic twist and has been played a handful of times. Will add stuff to it as it is suggested by the players.

a Space game - Very much a nonexistent game as of now. I greatly enjoy character building in RPG's (and the interaction between class mechanics that follows), and the weird and wacky alien races that a certain Star Controll game had. I'd like to marry these two core concepts and also make it as visual as I can (with miniature space ships on a painted Hex space board with planets and moons and meteorites and stuff).
If you haven't heard of the Star Controll series, you can try it out by downloading SC2 open source project for free from:

So this was my hasty first post as of now.
I try to have more of the Zombie game posts in a couple of days since it now is again in active developement.

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  1. Hmm about "a Space game": could you figure out a game where the aim is to create a character? Not to play with it as such, but to build it, with interaction with Star Control aliens, etc, and that would be it.

    1. What would you think the victory conditions should be? Or were you thinking of a more storytelling style of a thing?

  2. Talking about Dungeons & Dragons, the game mechanics are essentially about creating numerical challenges on numerical characters. D&D = Traveller RPG, so the same goes for space too. After character creation, you kind of could just run the character sheet through a number of mathematical functions to see how far the sheet can advance before it is considered exhausted. Back to regular board games, if a character would be a piece of matter of a certain space and mass, you could drop it inside a Wallenstein-type obstacle tower to see if it survives.