perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2018

Bits and Bobs and Pics #3

Seems that I have two different tiers of doing stuff. One is at home, and one is at work, during breaks.
I've not done anything worthwhile at home, but the stuff (of blue and brown variety) I've done at work do actually get finished.

I recently bought a few resin forest type bases, and a bunch of Blue Stuff for the specific reason of cloning the elements on those ready-made bases and doing my own.

These things came out so good, that I made a bunch more Blue Stuff molds. And at the end of the day I ordered myself a big pack of the stuff. 48 bars to be exact.
I've had so much fun stamping Brown Stuff to these molds that I'm almost out of that thing too!

Too bad that I can't be bothered to do any miniature stuff at home. A lot of Evil Dwarfs are waiting their layers of paint.

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