keskiviikko 16. toukokuuta 2018

Summer Is Here And So Is My Motivation

Now that the sun is up most of the time and I've absorbed its energy, I'm itching to get miniatures done!
Below are some bases for my Chaos Dwarfs and a hand for my Treeman. I've also finished three more Lugars already, but only took an embarrassingly bad phone photo. Better picture will soon to follow. Also next up will be at least one Taurukh (Bull Centaur).

Another movement tray is done, and a couple of more detailed bases.
The bases I have now are pretty dull in comparison so I hope I can spice their look with the new ones. Some elevation and more color goes a long way.
Bases - like everything else - are painted as simple as possible: Brown undercoat, Agrellan Earth crackling paint on top, drybrush with Tyran Skull, and wash with Strong Tone, that's it.
The rust is done by lightly brushing Gun Metal over the undercoat, and then applying multiple layers of Modelmates Rust Paint.

The Treeman hand is almost done, just glue the claws and fill the gaps between fingers.

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