tiistai 14. heinäkuuta 2015

Summer break's over!

I had my massive 6 week summer break which meant that I'd avoid anything even remotely resembling work (ie. doing blog posts).
EDIT: Also it seems like I've effed up my photos here by trying to get more space on my phone. I've already got them back, but it seems blogger can't relink them automagically. We'll see if I ever get around of replacing them...
EDIT 2: Fixed my shit

Not much did get done over those weeks worth posting, apart from our big club meeting, http://sumpinmukana.blogspot.fi/2015/06/suoja2015.html. That's me on the left playing X-wing!
The link above is our club's recently started blog (here in Salo, Finland, and it's in finnish). Big focus there was on Flames of War and Warhammer Fantasy.

I brought my car game there and it got played a few rounds. Thanks to all participants my initial ramming rules got scrapped almost immediately and a set of new ones got improvised on the spot to take over, these new ones will hopefully be the basis for the final ramming rules.

Let the retard race begin!
There's world war II stuff going against a zombie whale and dwarven submarine.
Thanks for Mikko, Timo, Ville & Ville!

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