torstai 4. huhtikuuta 2019

Kadim Titan #2

Much bulk. Such gains. Wow.
He's got gauntlets, bigger biceps and a remade shoulder. I'm quite content on the body at this point.

Next step is the head. This is just a quick mock-up which is a bit too small for the body. After I've got the size and shape of it, I need to figure out what I'll do with the neck. And after that I can get to the real sculpting!

perjantai 15. helmikuuta 2019

Kadim Incarnates and Titan

My Treeman is on hiatus so why not do something similar sized to my Infernal Dwarfs, since they are my main focus now?

The Kadim are fire demons. While the most conversions I've seen have been these ethereal made-out-of-fire phantoms, I wanted to have something more physical. What I wanted was living volcano golems with some slapped-on metals for contrast.

First off my Incarnates. These are made by Mom-miniaturas, a Spanish miniature maker.
I sawed of their stunty legs and did a Djinn-vortex-thingy.
I had a really hard time thinking of what I wanted, and am capable of making, since flying rock Golems are a tough thing to imagine.

I got a hold of this GW vortex terrain piece, and sculpted a thing of my own, trying to emulate it. Made a mold out of that and stamped some Brown Stuff in it, and while the stuff was still malleable, I shaped it so it goes well with the Golem top parts.

Here's the start of my titan. I base it on the Mom minis, since the Titan and Incarnates share a name. The Titan can't fly like his brethren, so I'll try to recreate the original look by trying to sculpt the stunty legs. Only the boots will really show under that scalemail armor.

I started with a crude armature I made roughly 2,5 times the size of the originals, looked up some concept art I liked and bent it to that shape, and then started slapping on some mass with DAS clay.

The paper under it represents the base size it will have. I wanted to make it so gigantic because, well, it is considered as gigantic in game, and is the single most expensive monster in game. The size also fills up the base pretty good.

There is some subtle differences (other than the shoulders) between the last two images. I'm doing this additive work slowly, until I get to a point I'm pleased with the bulk.
Next up is trimming the fingers and again adding even more mass to the elbow guards.

When I get to the point in which I'm pleased with the form and bulk, I start adding a thin layer of 'better' sculpting putty to carve out the real details.

torstai 1. marraskuuta 2018

Scratch building

Since my Treeman is on hiatus, I've directed my creative juices to other things. This time I got to show a scratch built war machine for my Infernal Dwarfs and sculpted flower for BMG Poison Ivy.

Both of these are still WIP, but are showing their forms in a way that warranted taking a picture. 

This war machine is Volcano Cannon, a giant flame thrower. I'm envisioning it more of a flame spurter, firing a big blob of napalm rather than a steady stream of petrol. 
The weapon itself is huge too, towering over every regular cannon in the game. I've always thought the evil dwarfs doing their weapons powerful, noisy and comically large.

I've taken some inspiration from the Forge World versions when making the carriage, although this is much smaller and barely fits on a 80mm round base (should be 75mm, but I'm cheating a bit). It is made from different profile styrene rods and textured sheets; self made rivets and few other unnameable bits. 
The gun is pretty recognizable, it's from GW 40k building terrain set, and the rack is from an old sci-fi chemical plant terrain set, as is the control panel on the right.
Wheels are Kromlech artillery wheels.

Note that I've tried to inject some realism to this thing. On the left side of the cannon there is funnel the loader can shovel the fuel in, and below the weapon there are gears so that it can swivel around. I still need to have some belt going from the gears below the control panel.

Left side of the carriage will be for the loader who'll have a big vat of the napalm stuff.

The gun and the crew platforms are magnetized so that I don't need to do so all the variations of the war machines I'll be using.

I've decided to take on a single small Batman Miniature Game gang. I don't much care for anything DC or the real scale miniatures the game has, but I bent under the pressure - of everyone around me playing the game - to check it out. Thus this project will be much more experimental than my normal ones.

I love my wood elf stuff and most nature-y stuff in fantasy, so I decided to go with Poison Ivy. The other reason being that I wanted to try to sculpting more non-humans.

The plant above is the Plant Slave #2. It has limited poison spit ability and it detects invisible enemies near it. I'm basing all of my designs on real life carnivorous plants rather than the fantasy ones, and this bulbous thing seemed to fit the bill the most.
I'm adding another one of those bulbs to represent that it only has two shots of poison, and to make it seem more a flourishing plant rather than just a unit in a game.

What I'm thinking of ending up with is:
Ivy herself (bought, not sculpted)
Swamp Thing (also bought)
Borj (a weird special plant)
2x of each plant slave (6 in total)

keskiviikko 26. syyskuuta 2018

Board game inserts

I've been making some custom board game inserts. I love thinking how to make the setup easier, how to save up the most space, and have all the expansions to go along while at it. 
This Mysterium insert was supposed to be only have the box for the ghost card deck, which is the only one needed after setup. But as it turned out, the box was so well suited that I decided to make them for all of the cards.

Pictured below are also Terra Mystica (which isn't that much of a hassle to setup) and Caverna (which is a HUGE hassle to setup), which I've made some time ago.

Mysterium packed.

Mysterium, the clock turn counter is partly glued.

Mysterium, all the boxes.
Mysterium, dual layer box.

Terra Mystica, favor and city tiles in order.

Terra Mystica, tokens exploded.

Caverna packed.

Caverna, all inserts.

keskiviikko 19. syyskuuta 2018

Infernal Dwarf Taurukh

A picture of Taurukh. It's made of Mantic bull body, old GW one-poser top, a bit of brass, and a Russian Alternative weapon. All it needs is a shield and a coat of varnish.

perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2018

Bits and Bobs and Pics #3

Seems that I have two different tiers of doing stuff. One is at home, and one is at work, during breaks.
I've not done anything worthwhile at home, but the stuff (of blue and brown variety) I've done at work do actually get finished.

I recently bought a few resin forest type bases, and a bunch of Blue Stuff for the specific reason of cloning the elements on those ready-made bases and doing my own.

These things came out so good, that I made a bunch more Blue Stuff molds. And at the end of the day I ordered myself a big pack of the stuff. 48 bars to be exact.
I've had so much fun stamping Brown Stuff to these molds that I'm almost out of that thing too!

Too bad that I can't be bothered to do any miniature stuff at home. A lot of Evil Dwarfs are waiting their layers of paint.

torstai 31. toukokuuta 2018

Disciplines of Lugar

Coal black demonic dwarfs smoldering with fire and hatred of their god of bureaucracy.

Still in need of base trimming and varnish.