torstai 14. syyskuuta 2017

PED Challenge (0 missed days)

I'm spent. I got pretty much every Chaos Dwarf colored I had glued together. Now I need to take a week or so to just prep more guys to be painted.
I do have some monsters and bigger stuff ready, but am so scared of actually starting them, fearing I'm gonna mess them up somehow (and I've not decided their colors either).

Here's the last thing I got painted. A Gunnery Team, or at least half of it. I've not decided what I'll give the other dwarf to hold on to. The pebble funnel at the top is also still unpainted.

sunnuntai 10. syyskuuta 2017

PED Challenge (0 missed days)

Three more dorfs. Two more Citadel Guardians and my first Blunderbuss Warrior at the ready!

The Blunderbuss Warrior took its time, because I really wanted to have it perfect. The goofy old 90's blunderbusses were one of the reasons I fell in love with the Chaos Dwarfs, and now I got them mixed up with my modern Russian Alternative miniatures!

Next up is something different.

All of the painted Citadel Guards.

perjantai 8. syyskuuta 2017

PED* Challenge (0 missed days)

Well, actually one missed day, but it was a force majeure situation. I made a deeep cut in my finger with the x-acto knife while converting my Dwarfs.
Don't worry though, I will try to make more convoluted excuses to keep my missed days at zero!
(* Paint Every Day means every day that I've not scheduled anything else to do, or have something semi-urgent come up.)

Well here's a picture of the Warriors once again. There's two more of them, and its starting to look like a real unit!
Behind them are two more Citadel Guards and next to them is a Goblin by Mantic Games.
I wanted to have my Hobgoblins made of them, because they have fun faces, are cheap, and they have good variety of weapon options available.
The downside to those fuckers are aplenty. They're made with PVC, which is a bitch to work with, and they have awful details (I'm thinking because of the PVC). The sculpts are also pretty bad, and I'm not sure which parts are which. All these make them awful to paint.
Also, they do not resemble Hobgoblins that much. They are supposed to taller and lankier than normal Goblins.

So my quest to find the best plastic Hobgoblin stand-ins continues. I'm currently looking at Storm Vermin bodies combined with older Goblin parts (GW and GW). Like this.

I'm currently still painting just infantry dwarfs. I can say however, that the next one after those two is something different. They are still under the knife, but I think I'd get them ready early next week.

sunnuntai 3. syyskuuta 2017

PED Challenge (11 or 12 days)

12th or 11th day of not skipping a single day of painting. The main thing is that it's been zero days of not painting, so I'll be using the days-skipped metric from here on out.

I just finished the three Citadel Guards. Took a picture of them, but seems that I took it too close for comfort. The attention I'm giving these miniatures does not go well with how close I took the shot. I try to be better with my photography.

These three are also a bit boring looking by comparison, since the limited color palette and not showing their faces. But the plan of differentiating them from the Warriors worked out pretty good.

keskiviikko 30. elokuuta 2017

PED Challenge (8 days)

Eight days in a row! Seven Chaos Dwarfs Warriors ready, and a whole bunch of bases.
These guys are awful to rank up so I took good care that my command group is as close together as they can, so I'll have some leeway to get the others to act nice.

Next up is three Citadel Guards, who have statline of pretty much all 4's, and got 18" rifle that also acts as a halberd in close combat. They will also all have closed helmets, and I'm planning to paint the helmets all black/copper instead of black/red just to further differentiate them from the Warriors.

Oh, and the banner will come later.

And as a bonus, some unfinished bases for the character mounts. All of the bull sculpts have them standing on only two hooves. So I'll be balancing them with the base clutter.
Lammasu's base on the left, will have its front hands (weirdly enough it has both, hands and hooves) resting on the dried up tree; the Great Bull has its hind hooves up in the air, so one of them will be balancing on top of the tree stump; and the smaller Bull will rest one of its front hooves on top of the rock pile.

lauantai 26. elokuuta 2017

PED Challenge (5 days)

Here's a higher quality, but still a bad picture of the bunch. The four dudes below are finished. The three on the top are the command group.

keskiviikko 23. elokuuta 2017

My own private Paint Every Day For a Week - Challenge (2 days)

I've decided to get something done for a change. (And update my blog for a change, too)

I dug up my three undercoated Chaos Dwarves and started splashing paint. I'm keeping it to a moderate 3-man-at-a-time system that will actually end up finishing something.

Now these guys will not end up being the prettiest of the bunch since I'm also moderating the amount of layers. 2-4 layers per surface. I'm such a lazy painter that I just need to take some shortcuts...

Maybe if I ever get to paint some characters I shape up and bring my A-game, but for now these will do.

These guys have had undercoat and a single layer of red before starting. After two days they are as seen (so I guess this is actually three days of work showing).

I'm actually planning on doing this at least a week, and hoping to go for a month or so. Or however long I can.

All the blog updates will be quite quick and dirty too, like this one.